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Lionsgate Uses Rabbit Hole And Facebook To Help People Cope With Loss


Lionsgate Uses Rabbit Hole And Facebook To Help People Cope With Loss

Lionsgate isn’t only looking to make an impact with its upcoming film Rabbit Hole in theaters, it’s doing so on Facebook, too. The film stars Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart as a couple struggling to cope with the passing of their son, so the folks at Lionsgate in conjunction with The Compassionate Friends, a grief support organization, are joining forces to help people get through these types of instances in their own lives.

Lionsgate and TCF launched a Facebook that asks users to answer the questions “How has love gotten you through?” The application encourages you to post anything from a simple comment to artwork or a video in an effort to “celebrate the manner in which the film beautifully and poignantly explores the concept of loss with an honest and knowing humor.”

With so many film studios jumping on the opportunity to promote their productions using social media, it’s nice to see this approach to marketing being used to give something back to the moviegoers, too. Of course, this is an attempt to get the word out about Rabbit Hole, but kudos to Lionsgate and TCF for going one step further and devising a platform that’s also designed for a good cause.

Click here to experience the application for yourself.

By Perri Nemiroff

The Rabbit Hole and TCF

The Rabbit Hole and TCF

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