Here’s some brand new photos from the Steven Spielberg produced FOX series “Terra Nova” starring Jason O’Mara, Christine Adams, Byron J. Brochmann and Joel Amos Byrnes.

Series Synopsis: In the year 2149 the planet earth is a mess, most of the plant and animal life has become extinct. Scientists can’t reverse the damage but find a way to travel back to prehistoric times… More to save the human race.

Among the settlers in the new colony is the Shannon family. Jim Shannon played by Jason O’Mara, he is a loving father with some secrets in his past. Elisabeth is his wife and a trauma surgeon, she wins a global lottery to join Terra Nova’s medical team. They have two children who join them on this journey, Josh and Mandy. The leader of the settlement is Commander Frank Taylor who was the first to go through the time portal.

Stay tuned to for the latest from Steven Spielberg’s “Terra Nova”.

Terra Nova Shooting
Terra Nova Shooting

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