True Grit star Hailee Steinfeld really wants to land the lead role of Katniss Everdeen in the movie adaptation of The Hunger Games, according to Access Hollywood. “That…I mean…fingers are crossed,” she said.

While buzz about Steinfeld landing the role is growing, there’s still another young actress who’d wants to get the part–Chloe Moretz. When Shockya caught up with the Kick-Ass star, Moretz stated her huge interest in the role. “I really really want to be in it…I would so so so so love to be in this film…It would be such an honor to be in it.”

There’s also buzz that Johnny Depp would be perfect for the role of Haymitch Abernathy, but director Gary Ross told Entertainment Weekly that no casting decisions have been made yet.

He told EW, “We’ll cast the right person for the part. Lionsgate has been great in the respect that they don’t feel that this needs a movie star in Katniss’ role. The greatest thing about the franchise and the books being the star is that we can cast whoever we want. So we all feel like we’re just going to cast the right person.”

The Hunger Games, a book series by Suzanne Collins, tells the story of a young girl who lives in Panem, a post-apocalyptic version of North America. The corrupt government of Panem, the Capitol, holds an annual event called The Hunger Games, where one boy and one girl from each district fight to the death. The film is set to be in theaters sometime in 2013.

Hailee Steinfeld or Chloe Moretz for Katniss
Hailee Steinfeld or Chloe Moretz for Katniss

By Monique Jones

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7 thoughts on “Hailee Steinfeld hopeful for lead role in Hunger Games”
  1. Oh my gosh, both would be soo perfect. I just saw Hailee Steinfeld in True Grit and she was seriously incredible. And I have to say, I'd love to see her playing Katniss. I think, overall, she'd be better for the part.

  2. Oh goodness.
    Why dont they just hold an audition? Im sure theyll find someone perfect for it!
    Steinfield and Moretz just dont fit the part.

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