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Contest Winner: MIMOBOT Darth Vader And Batman USB Flash Drive


Contest Winner: MIMOBOT Darth Vader And Batman USB Flash Drive

A week is up and the results are in! We were hopeful we’d get as big of a response as we did for our last caption giveaway, but never did we expect participation like this. Apparently you folks either really like this game or really want one of those MIMOBOT USB flash drives because we got a ton of entries to sort through, most of which were quite inventive and funny.

As tough as this decision was, there was one caption in particular that stood out and that one comes from Cornelius – “Vader: Wow! U don’t look photoshopped at all.” As much as we like to keep the professionalism high here at Shockya, we’ve got no problem poking fun at our subpar Photoshopping effort. Touché, Cornelius.

But of course, this giveaway doesn’t have just one winner, but two! Our second place prize goes to a reader who didn’t poke fun at us, but rather at director Joel Schumacher. When considering all of the Batman films from the Tim Burton originals to Christopher Nolan’s series, it’s quite obvious that there was a bump in the road in between. Well, actually, there were two bumps – Batman Forever and Batman & Robin both of which are products of Mr. Schumacher. Sure enough, Thomas put his keen eye to use, identified our Batman photoshopped right out of a Schumacher production and sent in the caption, “You are part of the Joel Schumacher alliance and a traitor. Take him away!”

Congratulations to our first place winner, Cornelius, and our second place winner, Thomas. Enjoy your MIMOBOT USB flash drives. And to the rest of our readers, thanks for playing and be sure to keep an eye out for more giveaways.

USB Caption Winner

By Perri Nemiroff

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