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Exclusive Interview: Gary Entin chats up After Dark's 'Seconds Apart'


Exclusive Interview: Gary Entin chats up After Dark's 'Seconds Apart'

It is that time of year again. After Dark Films is set to release its next batch of original horror flicks in theaters across the country. Eight flicks – attempting to bring in a refreshing take on the genre – will unveil on January 28th in select markets. Great thing about the After Dark studio, they find filmmakers and actors who are passionate about the genre. Sure the money is always welcomed, yet many of the cast and crew truly love creating in this realm.

One of the releases is titled “Seconds Apart.” The story focuses on a twins Seth and Jonah (Gary & Edmund Entin) who have telekinetic abilities. After their classmates meet grizzly and creative deaths, the police suspects the twins. Dissension between the brothers leads to a war of the minds. Which directly puts the people around them in a grave predicament.

Gary Entin was kind enough to have a brief chat on the flick, his career and what scares him…

And we will get to all those topics, but first, the fan-boy surfaced, and I was compelled to ask Gary about the possibility of a sequel to 2007’s “The Seeker” – in which he was a part of. Is it still being discussed?

“Of course! I’m still talking about it. I think the title should be “The Seeker 2: The adventures of Paul and Robin Stanton”… I know my parents would be first in line to see it.”

Once I was able to get that out of my system, Gary addressed what its like having a twin brother and securing roles in the biz. Could it be a niche marketing strategy? Are they the next Olsen twins?

“I have done a number of films with Edmund and to be honest I never have more fun then when I get to act with him. I’d like to believe we are each individually talented in our own ways which is what makes us a strong duo when it comes to twin roles. I’d take any opportunity to do a film with Edmund, but we are separate performers so acting without him has and will always be part of the equation.”

The majority of actors in Hollywood are always hustling, looking to secure the next role. Although Gary has found himself in notable productions such as “The Seeker” and “Rest Stop”, he is still formulating his career. We then touched on where he currently is and his mindset on reaching the “next level”…

“I think like most industries, there is never a guarantee that you’ll always continue to work. I still struggle to get every and any job I am up for. Honestly I think the struggle is the most important part and if you’re not struggling you’re probably not working hard enough.”

Now to the flick, “Seconds Apart.” I requested that Gary brainwash himself for a minute and explain to the masses the attraction of this story…

“Well the fact that I’m so darn handsome certainly couldn’t hurt (I’m kidding!) , but honestly I believe this movie has a way of terrifying you far beyond your usual “pop out” scares. It gets into your mind and will leave you emotionally beat up in a way you may not be expecting.”

Any challenges during the production phase…

“I would say the biggest challenge of this movie was shooting it in 17 days. So many things happen in this film that when I first heard how short the shoot was I thought ‘How are we going to pull this off?’ Thankfully we had an amazing director in Antonio Negret to lead way! With him at the helm accompanied by incredible actors like Edmund, Orlando Jones, and Samantha Droke we were able to pull off miracles. Suffice it to say we had the most amazing crew and all the support of producer Courtney Soloman, without which we could not have made it through the constant hurdles.”

From there – and since we are talking about horror – Gary spoke candidly about what scares him about showbiz life and what he gets into off the set to recharge the old batteries. In other words, what are his passions outside of the career that he indulges in…

“The scariest part of showbiz is the fear of being out of the game. I love acting as well as film making so much that without it, I really don’t know what I’d do.”

“Lately I’m starting to wonder if eating frozen yogurt constitutes as a passion. If not, I’d have to say there is nothing like spending time with my brothers and cousin watching my Miami Dolphins… totally escapist!”

Speaking of escapist or escapism, who would he want to be for a day…

“Barrack Obama, because that’s about the only way I’ll ever get a chance to be the president. The first bill I’d sign into law… go see Seconds Apart!”

Interview by Joe Belcastro

Gary Entin

Gary Entin

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