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Interview: The Task's Texas Battle


Interview: The Task's Texas Battle

Texas Battle

We’ve all seen our fair share of reality TV disasters, but fistfights, mental breakdowns and drunken rages can’t quite compare to what the stars of The Task have to face. The film is one of After Dark Original’s eight 2011 productions. It focuses on a group of reality show contestants required to complete a series of tasks inside an abandoned prison. The winner gets a hefty prize, but before they can get their hands on the cash, they must battle forces that even catch the show’s production team off guards – some malicious and violent spirits.

Starring as one of the six contestants is The Bold and the Beautiful’s Texas Battle. Battle may play a young man struggling with family issues and trying to find love on the soap opera, but he’s also pretty familiar with the horror genre, most notably from playing Lewis Romero in Final Destination 3. However, even with the experience of battling death under his belt, The Task still had some new and fairly terrifying scenarios to throw his way, specifically a scene involving solitary confinement. Check out what Battle had to say about that and much more in the interview below.

Can you tell me a little bit about the film and your character?

Texas Battle: The Task is about a group of college kids that get kidnapped from all different cities in the US. They are then taken to a deserted jail, where they all have to compete in this reality show, on a wide range of dangerous tasks. The last person to complete their task, ends up winning the grand price of $100,000 dollars. But with anything that has to do with a Grand Prize giveaway, there’s always certain mysterious things that get in the way of your goal. Nothing is easy in life, and by competing for the Grand Prize, “Life is exactly, what we’re fighting for in reality.”

My character, Dixon, is from New York and is basically a guy that doesn’t take no for an answer. He believes in “Do whatever it takes to WIN.” The only person he trusts is himself, a strong leader of the pack.

The Task Prison

You’ve done a few horror films at this point. How does The Task compare?

Out of the few horror films I’ve done Final Destination 3, Wrong Turn 2 and Boggy Creek, The Task differs in that we actually take the horror/thriller/suspense moments and put them all together in one movie. Just when you think you know where the plot is going, there’s a turn of events that will have you saying “WHAT!” There’s never a moment of certainty! With my past films, you know eventually what’s going to happen.

What type of horror is this? Is it packed with carnage going for the immediate scare or is it something haunting that aims to have a lasting effect?

This type of horror film is more of a reality horror film. We really put you in the driver’s seat, like you’re actually there. This type of horror has more of a “stay with you feel” effect. We’re not aiming for just the scary jumps, and the quick pops. This film is actually one that can haunt you, and actually is based on true events.

Based on the film’s poster and trailer, it looks like we might have a new Jigsaw-like character on our hands. Is that what that clown character is like?

Our scary clown in the film is really nothing like the Jig Saw character in the Saw franchise. He is definitely his own serial, scary character.

The Task Clown

Can you tell me about the camera work? Is the shooting style standard or will this film actually look like a reality TV show?

The camera work on this film is a little bit of both standard movie filming, and has a reality shooting style as well. It’s like seeing two movies in one; standard view to get that real movie experience, but the reality look puts you in the character’s vision.

Was there anything particularly difficult to film in terms of the action or special effects? Perhaps that solitary confinement scene we see in the trailer?

One of the scenes that stands out for me is the solitary confinement scene. It was definitely an experience that I will never forget. We actually shot that scene in an actual real life solitary compartment, which they locked me in for real. It was cool but a real scary moment as well!

What about in terms of scare factor? Was anything in this movie so scary to film that it actually kept you up at night after?

As far as the scare factor goes, there was nothing that actually kept me up during the night, but I would say that shooting a film at night in a dark, abandoned prison was quite suspenseful, and quite a bit spooky!

How was it working with Alex Orwell as a first time director?

Working with Alex Orwell for me was a pleasant, great, and humbled experience. Meaning when you work with a director that is an actor’s director, very hands on, and really wants the performance to be honest and real, a director that cares about the actor and film, you really appreciate those type of directors. Alex Orwell is just that guy! Can’t wait to work with him again!

The Task Solitary Confinement

What was the atmosphere like on set? Are you still able to have some fun even when your co-cast is dying?

The atmosphere on set was cool! All the cast got along, and shooting on location in abandoned prisons and buildings was nice. It did get cold at night though! Personally, I can always have fun with my cast, even when they’re dying ’cause then we can make fun on how they died, and their facial expressions.

What was it like working with After Dark Originals? They’ve got eight films including yours coming out this year, so how has the company been handling it all? Are you all working together or is each film on its own?

This was my first, but hopefully not my last film working with After Dark Originals. They made my first run with them a good one.

What’s next for you? Do you want to stick with the horror genre?

Next for me, I’ll continue working on the daytime soap called Bold and Beautiful” and also my new scripted action comedy series, Death Valley on MTV, which airs this summer of 2011. The series itself is of the horror genre, with vampires, werewolves, and zombies throughout the series!

What about reality TV shows? Would you ever consider doing one of those after filming this?

As far as reality TV shows goes, I’m not really a fan of them. I do try and give them a chance, but over the weeks of watching, I get to a point where I just can’t keep up with it.

By Perri Nemiroff

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