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Take a Vacation with Alter Bridge


Take a Vacation with Alter Bridge

Take a little bit of Creed and the front man of Slash’s solo project to form the American rock band, Alter Bridge. This powerhouse group would probably have to try hard to produce a poor track.

Their third studio album, AB III, dropped on November 9th via Roadrunner Records with “Isolation” as its single. The lyrics of “Isolation” are a bit dismal, as you may have guessed, so we figured why not lighten up the mood by asking Alter Bridge to make a Top 10 Best Places to be “Isolated” list? And here it goes with bassist, Brian Marshall’s…

1. At home watching a movie

2. Barbados

3. St. Kitts Island

4. St. George Isand, FL

5. Floating down any FL river

6. Madagascar

7. Key West

8. Islamorada

9. Tortuga Islando

10. In a log cabin in NW. North Carolina

Have more in common with the bassist then you thought? Let’s hear your Top 10 Best Places to be “Isolated” in honor of the band’s hit single!

by Lonnie Nemiroff

Alter Bridge Band Photo

Alter Bridge Band Photo

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