If a horror film was in need of a band cameo or performance, a director might want to snatch a group from “The Dead Masquerade” tour. We would highly recommend the headliner band, Escape the Fate.

“The Dead Masquerade” tour kicked off on January 20th and has been dispersing havoc throughout cites everywhere. We got to catch the tour in Fort Lauderdale, FL on January 30th. With openers Alesana, Motionless in White, Get Scared and Drive A, the North American tour is overflowing with the sounds of raging rock and is unleashing the inner Marilyn Manson even within the most avid pop fans. If you are unaware of your dark side, we guarantee you Escape the Fate will find it.

Tattooed sleeves, eye make up, pale skin and flat ironed locks paraded the stage before the headliner’s closed the show. As each band performed, the energy and stage presence progressed, which only amplified the aggressive mosh pits and daring crowd surfing of the audience.

Motionless in White proved that rockers can coordinate in motion, just like any pop band. In their tightly fit black clothing and delicately placed hair, the guitarists threw their guitars above their heads in unison consecutively, which unearthed a positive aggression within the crowd. Rockers, feel free to bust your dance moves anytime, we highly approve.

The last opening act was Alesana, the ideal band to invigorate the crowd, before Escape the Fate graced the stage. The rock band harbored an immense amount of sex appeal with Shawn Milke welcomingly unbuttoning his shirt. Milke’s vocals were oozing with fury and sensuality, which was further fostered by the spontaneity of the surrounding band members. We had the urge to chant, “Take it off.”

And now the grand finale. And boy was it grand. Escape the Fate powered onto the stage with Craig Mabbitt center, with lead guitarist Monte Money and bassist Max Green situated on either side of Mabbitt, and with drummer Robert Ortiz directly behind Mabbitt. Immediately into the show, Escape the Fate commanded the stage and rallied up the audience.

The lead single, “Issues,” off their self-titled album was a standout track instrumentally. The guitar solo rifts of the refreshing blonde member, Money, resembled the chords of Slash from Guns N’ Roses. These amazing rifts fit quite nicely with the Slash-like looks of drummer, Ortiz.

These immense instrumental capabilities of Escape the Fate did not falter the slightest bit as the show continued. With tracks, such as “Gorgeous Nightmare” and “Zombie Dance,” the quartet once again displayed their talent as an established and experienced rock band. The Las Vegas group are able to hold on to the hard rock elements with pleasantly harsh vocals and complex beats and rifts, but also include catchy choruses that are reiterated clearly.

With some tasteful hip thrusts and audacious crowd surfing of Mabbitt, the band and audience were in high spirits as the concert neared the finale song. “The Aftermath” could not have been a more lyrically wise choice of a concluding track. Mabbitt sang, “I will stand right by your side, I have made it through the fight. Now I’m coming home.” Mabbitt’s vocals were remarkable throughout the entire track. His voice did not waver despite the jarring instrumental sounds.

As the track neared its completion, Green and Money climbed the stairs of the stage and stood side by side with Ortiz jamming below. The massive musical compilation was a sight that deserves more recognition than given. The guitar, the bass and the tempo of the drums fit like a puzzle, strengthening each other as they were played. As Mabbitt sang the last lyrics of “The Aftermath” in front of the instrumental sounds, we began to notice a slight drop of our chins. We were in awe.

Attending a “Dead Masquerade” might not seem like the safest bet, but it is without a doubt worth the risk. The battle wounds from mosh pits will heal, but the continuous humming of the Escape the Fate tunes will be never be cured.

By Lonnie Nemiroff

Escape The Fate 1
Escape The Fate 1

By lonnie

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