Birmingham, Alabama isn’t usually thought of as a place where indie movies are made, but upcoming indie director John M. Ware intends to make it big by featuring the Magic City as a zombie wasteland. His film, “Thr33 Days Dead”, will be his first foray into the world of filmmaking.

Ware said that his career in filmmaking started as a suggestion from a friend. “It wasn’t until several years of college that someone suggested that I do something creative, then they said you like movies why don’t you try that. I thought about it and that as they say was that,” he said. ” [I] [i]mmediately wanted to direct…I guess I have a complex about being in charge.”

“Thr33 Days Dead” is a tale showing what Ware thinks he and his friends would act like if they were caught in a zombie apocalypse. As he wrote the film, he says he realized just how indicative zombies are in the human consciousness. “They seem to tap into some of our deepest fears, mine centers around the secrecy of the embalming process,” he said.

Production has already started on the film, but Ware is still on the lookout for executive producers. If you’d like to help out with the project, you can contact him on Facebook or email him at RLSpictures1 at

Movie Still from Night of the Living Dead
Movie Still from Night of the Living Dead

By Monique Jones

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