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Annette Bening and Morgan Freeman to star in The Third Act


Annette Bening and Morgan Freeman to star in The Third Act

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Annette Bening has signed on to Rob Reiner’s film, “The Third Act”, also starring Morgan Freeman. This will be the first film since the actress’s nomination for her role in the indie film “The Kids Are All Right”.

The film, written by Guy Thomas, will tell the story of a western writer (Freeman) who has lost his writing mojo and is attempting to find what had once made him so famous in a rural town. Along his journey, he helps a young girl free and express her imagination and helps her mother find love again.

Both actors have worked with Reiner before and are familiar with his directing style; Bening was directed by him in “The American President”, and Freeman was directed by him in “The Bucket List”.

This film will make the 21st film Reiner has directed; some of his films on his resume are similar to the inspirational and romantic tones of “The Third Act”, such being, aside from “The Bucket List” and “The American President”–“Ghosts of Mississippi”, “The Princess Bride”, “North”, “A Few Good Men”, “When Harry Met Sally…”, and others.

Filming for “The Third Act” is expected to start sometime in May.

Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman

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