It’s finally official! The “Spider-Man” reboot has been named “The Amazing Spider-Man” today, according to CinemaBlend. The name of the film fully reiterates the idea that this reboot will go back to the roots of Spider-Man lore, as the comic books are named “The Amazing Spider-Man” and the word “Amazing” has been associated with Spider-Man since 1962, when, according to Reuters, the character made its first appearance in “Amazing Fantasy” Issue no. 15.

Also, Sony has released an official high resolution picture of Andrew Garfield in full regalia. I compared this version of the costume to Tobey Maguire’s costume from the Sam Raimi “Spider-Man” movies, and this new costume looks way more battle-ready than the early 2000’s version. Here’s why:

1) I didn’t realize that the Maguire costume was as sculpted as it was. It was no nipple-molded Batman suit, to be sure, and it fit in fairly well in the “real world”, as far as superhero costumes go. But upon further inspection, I was surprised to see what looks like airbrushed pectoral shadows and such. Whereas the Garfield version of the costume looks much more tactilely pleasing; it’s basically just acrylic (or some type of plastic) woven mesh, something you could actually find in the real world and possibly construct if you had some serious designing skills.

2) the Garfield costume seems more aerodynamic than the original Maguire one, which is an improvement on an already aerodynamic costume. Perhaps it’s Garfield’s lanky body that makes this seem like it’s more aerodynamic, but the suit seems cut even closer to the body than the Maguire costume was. Also, the mesh makes it seem like Garfield could actually get into some serious fights in this one and still be able to move in the suit, whereas Maguire’s seemed a bit stiff. But again, it could just be that the muscles Maguire had that seemed like they got in the way.

As far as this blogger is concerned, it would seem that this version of Spider-Man is steering closer to “Kick-Ass” than Maguire’s “classic” version of the character, if you will. Yes, the “Kick-Ass” and “Amazing Spider-Man” suits are practically nothing alike, but the actors inside the costumes seem similar in the fact that, aside from them both being European in culture, they actually look like high-school children.

Take a look at the picture for yourself below. “The Amazing Spider-Man” is expected to be in theaters July 3, 2012.

The Amazing Spider-Man
The Amazing Spider-Man

By Monique Jones

Monique Jones blogs about race and culture in entertainment, particularly movies and television. You can read her articles at Racialicious, and her new site, COLOR . You can also listen to her new podcast, What would Monique Say.

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