Who knew that one person who would help revive interest in the “Terminator” franchise would be now-former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger? Ever since he went on Twitter and openly expressed his desire to re-start his acting career, buzz over another “Terminator” film has been going through the roof.

It comes as a surprise due to the franchise’s semi-demise over the bankruptcy that took place last year. There were a couple of companies that were looking to scoop up the property, but in the end Pacificor won. They opened up the option to Sony Pictures and Lionsgate to be part of distribution for any future “Terminator” movies, but that isn’t happening anytime soon. Now Pacificor could have an huge, established franchise to cash in on if they choose their next development steps carefully.

That’s why Universal is eyeing the property, looking at “Fast Five” director Justin Lin to take on the latest “Terminator” film. Perhaps the studio has a great idea in their hands because they’re looking at “Wanted” and “47 Ronin” writer Chris Morgan to pen the script. This doesn’t cancel the fact that William Wisher, co-writer of “Terminator 2: Judgement Day,” has a couple of treatments ready for two more features. Maybe Universal will be acting on those script ideas in the near future?

One thing’s for sure, if Pacificor wants to succeed where others failed with “Salvation,” they better have a killer story in their hands.

Source: Deadline

Terminator 5
Terminator 5
One thought on “Could Another 'Terminator' Film Be On The Horizon?”
  1. New T5 movie with Ah-nuld is always a plus. If they get it right. This driector worked on Fast and the Furious series. He's all shock value, action and no story. I'd expect the same in a Terminator movie. T3 was alright. I wouldn't mind the return of T-1000 type character. There are plenty of Robert Patrick lookalikes that can fit the bill. Just don't get Gordon Leavitt or Tom Hardy..PLEASE!

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