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Guy Ritchie Could Take On 'Xerxes'


Guy Ritchie Could Take On 'Xerxes'

Another great filmmaking opportunity has landed in director Guy Ritchie’s lap. Right now he’s filming the sequel to a box office hit (“Sherlock Holmes 2”), but he may have “Xerxes” in his grasp. Warner Bros Pictures offered Ritchie the chance to direct the prequel to “300.”

Filmmaking life may be going great for Guy Ritchie, but what happened to Zack Snyder? The “Watchmen” director was previously attached to take on “Xerxes” for awhile. Well, there’s a couple of reasons why Ritchie could dip his feet into a comic book adapted feature, and the first happens to be the untitled “Superman” sequel. Snyder is currently set to direct the latest installment of the immensely popular movie franchise. Is Warner Bros just that impatient to get the “Superman” film off the ground?

This is where the answer becomes “yes and no,” mainly having to do with “Sucker Punch.” There has been some anticipation building up for awhile over “Sucker Punch” ever since footage first premiered at last year’s San Diego Comic-Con, but now that’s not the case. There’s a rumor spreading around “Punch” where test audiences do not like what they see on screen. If “Sucker Punch” shares the same ho-hum box office fate as Snyder’s “Watchmen,” then there’s no telling what Warner Bros has in their hands with the new “Superman” movie.

Despite all the turmoil going on behind-the-scenes between Warner Bros and Zack Snyder, at least they have Guy Ritchie’s “Sherlock Holmes 2” to wait for. “Sherlock Holmes 2,” starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law, makes it’s way into theaters everywhere on December 16th.

Source: Vulture

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