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Michael Stephenson Looks To 'Destroy'


Michael Stephenson Looks To 'Destroy'

Michael Stephenson is taking all the right steps to climb his way out of being known solely for his role as a child in the atrocious horror film “Troll 2.” He first did that through writing and directing the good documentary “Best Worst Movie,” capturing the strange craze people have over the really bad film. But now it looks like he won’t have to revisit anything “Troll 2” related anytime soon now that he’s directing and producing the upcoming film “Destroy.”

The dark comedy centers on a wannabe vampire hunter who goes out into the night killing the horrible creatures of the night in the town of Bavaria. The catch is that no vampires exist, so instead of protecting the innocent he’s murdering completely helpless men. Bryan Connolly and Zack Carlson co-wrote the script that Stephenson will direct. No word yet on who will be cast in “Destroy,” but now a director’s attached that should quickly round out in a couple of months to come.

“I was embarrassed by (Troll 2) my whole life,” Stephenson says. “But now, a lot of good has come from being in one of the worst movies ever made.”

Although it isn’t in theaters anymore, you can buy “Best Worst Movie” on DVD and Blu-ray today.

Destroy Concept Art from Michael Stephenson

Destroy Concept Art from Michael Stephenson

Art Credit: Johnny Sampson

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