Say hello to a band making its musical debut. AWOLNATION will be releasing their first full-length album, Megalithic Symphony, on March 15th.

The American indie band with frontman, Aaron Bruno, dropped their EP, Back From Earth, in May 2010 via Red Bull Records. Comprised of 4 tracks, AWOLNATIN’S EP certainly had enough material to channel their unique sounds through to music fans. Their retro vibe is infused with seventies pop beats and contemporary electronic beats.

We very much appreciate the bands that are able to fit into the world of modern techno music without losing the origins of that sound. And AWOLNATION is an indie band that certainly achieved our respect.

The LA-based band has just released the first single off of their debut album, “Sail,” along with the music video. The track dictates the band’s uninhibited journey to unite the music of the past with the tunes of the present.

We certainly think that AWOLNATION will make you go “AWOL.” A band worthy of adding to your repertoire of innovative groups.

By Lonnie Nemiroff

By lonnie

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