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New details about Oscar telecast released


New details about Oscar telecast released

In a breaking news story by The Hollywood Reporter, it has been revealed that some changes are going to be taking place during this year’s telecast of The Oscars.

According to the site, this year’s Oscars will be virtual. Producers of the show, Don Mischer and Ben Cohen, will be relying on projections to create an ever-changing set instead of using traditional sets.

Mischer and Cohen told The Hollywood Reporter that the change is supposed to allow them to show the history of Hollywood through the sets. The sets, according to Mischer, will allow for there to be more content than what is usually expected of in an awards show and that the projections will allow them to be able to take the audience to “different places, different times, and it will change dramatically. The look will change from act to act.”

Cohen added that during the show there will be six or seven transitions, but each set is its own concept. Explaining further he said one might be a scene from a film, another might be a specific time in history, another might be expressing a movie genre. “The hope is that we briefly leave the Kodak in 2011 — not literally, but metaphorically — and take the audience, both in the room and on television, to a specific time and place,” he said.

The Oscars will take place February 27th at 8 p.m. eastern/5 p.m. pacific



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