We get a little dose of Duff McKagan on his wife’s television show “Married To Rock” (yes, we watch the show), but those few glimpses keep us itching for more. And finally, we got it. Duff McKagan’s band Loaded will be releasing a new album, The Taking, on April 19th. The album, which was recorded by Terry Date, will be available on vinyl, just a few days before the CD, on April 12th.

Alongside long time Loaded members Jeff Rouse and Mike Squires and newer member Isaac Carpenter, Duff McKagan has created a 12 track album that we cannot wait to get our hands on. The band will also be releasing a feature-length film, The Taking, which is due this summer.

Time to turn “Married To Rock” off and push play on Duff McKagan’s Loaded.

Lonnie Nemiroff

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