Entertainment Weekly published some pictures from the Pixar’s “Toy Story” short called “Hawaiian Vacation”. This short will be attached to the Pixar film “Cars 2”.

The plot of the short involves Barbie and Ken trying to sneak away with Bonnie when she and her family go on their Hawaiian vacation, but somehow the toys’ plans fail. Enter Woody and the rest of the toys, who decide to recreate Hawaii in Bonnie’s room for the lovebirds.

According to director Gary Rydstrom (also the director of “Lifted”), the plot is a bit reminiscent of “The Love Boat”. “Woody becomes kind of like what’s-his-name on ‘The Love Boat'”…Captain Stubing!”

The picture makes everyone who’s seen the entire “Toy Story” trilogy, especially “Toy Story 3”, sigh in relief and joy; it sure is nice to see the toys adjusted to life post-Andy. If you’ve seen the third installment of the trilogy, you’ll know that the film especially the ending, is quite traumatic.

This is the first of two shorts involving everyone’s beloved toys. The next one, the name yet to be released, will be tagged to the film “The Muppets”, which will be in theaters November 23, 2011.

“Cars 2” will be out June 24, 2011.

Toy Story Hawaiian Vacation
Toy Story Hawaiian Vacation

By Monique Jones

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