Get Scared is not your average hardcore rock band. Yes, their physical appearances scream “I rock out for a living,” but off stage the band is like any other group of friends, just with more edge.

The powerhouse group released their self-titled EP back in November via Universal Motown Records. Nicholas, Johnny B and Bradley Llyod have delivered an EP that will allow hardcore rock music to fuse through the radio waves without tarnishing the genre’s appeal. We often hear of those bands who lose their musical core when they break into the music industry. These bands sacrifice instrumental rifts for catchy and overly repetitive lyrics. Get Scared stays clear of this commonality and holds onto its rich foundation as the band climbs the charts of fame.

Get Scared has been commanding attention, not only with their impeccable EP, but also with their performances on ‘The Dead Masquerade’ tour and their music video for the track, “Sarcasm.” Whether the rock band is live in concert or singing on a television screen, Get Scared knows how to give a theatrical performance. Don’t expect to see these guys standing still in front of a microphone with an audience calmly swaying back and forth. Their pleasantly chaotic shows make it hard to believe that Get Scared is actually very down to earth and extremely charismatic. We got a chance to interview guitarist, Bradley Llyod, of Get Scared. And we’ve got to say, he is gladly free of the rock and roll ego we wish for rockers to steer clear of.

How has it been performing on ‘The Dead Masquerade’ tour?

It has been incredible. The response has been way more than we expected. With the other bands and the crew, it has really been a blessing.

How has it been performing alongside other rock bands like Escape The Fate, Drive A, Alesana and Motionless in White?

It has been huge family and it has been wonderful.

I went to your show in Fort Lauderdale, Fl., and it was great.

Oh, hell yah.

Are you enjoying the feedback from the fans during the tour?

We go through cities that we have a lot of fans in, like Boston, Massachusetts. The crowd is just wild and they go nuts. And then we go to other places, where we are not as known. And the fans are more observant. They are still loving it and they are still enjoying it. Either way it’s great. Personally, I love hearing “Oh hey, I have never heard you guys before, I am going to go check you out.” It’s good to get our name out there. It has been great every night.

What’s your favorite track to perform on tour?

That would have to be probably “Deepest Cut.”

My favorite of your set was “Sarcasm.” How was it like creating the song?

It was great. It was a huge collaboration between all of us. We just wanted to make that song very dynamic and just make every part be as interesting as possible. We had Craig Mabbitt record vocals on it and that kind of just sent it over the edge. That song kind of sounds like it needs two people singing back and forth. We love it more than ever.

What is the meaning behind the track’s music video?

When we first started this band, we were getting a lot of flack from either friends or other bands in our hometown, just saying we are nothing special and that we are just one of those stupid punk bands. We were just inspired to write a song just about setting ourselves up for sarcasm basically. With the video, we are singing in front of these dead corpses and they are sitting there looking at us like they don’t give a crap. They are chucking stuff at us. We are pouring heart and heart into our music and other people don’t perceive anything.

Why name the band Get Scared?

We came up with the band name with the intentions of getting out of our comfort zone. And do something that we might have not normally have done. Because, in the past we were in other bands that were just completely different from the band we are currently in. We just wanted to “get scared” and intentionally put ourselves in a vulnerable situation.

How were the previous bands different from Get Scared?

The band I was in was like a hardcore band. Johnny was in a band kind of similar to this one like alternative rock. Nick was in an indie rock and our drummer Dan was in an indie rock as well. So we just came together and made the genre that we have now.

What are you guys like off stage? Ever take the make-up off?

We wanted to make our performance theatrical. Of course we don’t walk around with make-up on our faces. We just do that to further express a feeling and make it more intense.

What artists have influenced you guys?

There are so many. We all have totally different tastes in music. We are all into bands like Slipknot, Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson. And I am really into bands, like Refuse and Glass Jaw. Nick is really into anything from Queen to Michael Jackson. We all love the Beatles. Our drummer Dan, he is really into big rock bands, like Aerosmith, Mötley Crüe and stuff like that. We come from all angles.

Where do you guys see your music taking you in the future?

We want to be the format changer. We want more people to hear this style of music. We love this style and we think it is so overlooked in the mainstream world. And we hope in the future that it becomes more accessible; if that makes sense.

That makes complete sense. And that is exactly what I think the track “Sarcasm” does. Any news on your upcoming album?

We have a full length entitled, Best Kind of Mess, coming out late Spring 2011. We are really excited about that.

Anything else you want people to know about Get Scared?

Just thanks to all the fans who helped us get this far. We really owe them everything. And we will be touring around this year. So be on the look out!

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Get Scared
Get Scared

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