The 33 Chilean miners who were trapped underground last year have now signed with WME, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The miners’ deal with WME comes after their visit to Los Angeles earlier in the year in an effort to shop around their story.

According to the site, the talent agency will represent the miners’ official life rights in all areas of entertainment–books, movies, television, lectures, and theater. The deal with WME also includes total access to the daily journal kept by one of the miners. However, because of the pact that the miners made with each other–in which they promised not to reveal what happened to them in the mine–they can make public appearances but can not discuss what their life was like in the mine. They also can not make side deals to gain money from personal stories.

Aside from WME, the miners are also represented in the States by Arent Fox Llp. In Chile, the miners are represented by attorney Remberto Valdés and the law firm Carey y Cía.

The miners were trapped for 69 days before being rescued in less than 24 hours, beginning Oct. 12. The miners became instant stars the moment they reached the surface due to surviving an ordeal hardly anyone expected them to.

Chilean miners
Chilean miners

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