Sick Puppies have gone in a new direction with the release of Polar Opposite on March 1st. The eight-song release, produced by Rock Mafia, features re-imagined tracks from their sophomore album, Tri-Polar, plus their first hit, “All the Same” from their debut album. Polar Opposite is now available exclusively at WalMart and all digital retailers.

We give Sick Puppies props. Being able to add a new spin to tracks off of an album that already sold more than a quarter-million copies proves the group is one “sickly” talented trio.

We’ll brag just a tad more about the Australian sensation. Tri-Polar has produced three top ten singles, including the # 1 Rock track, “You’re Going Down.” Currently, their hit single, “Maybe” is No.26 on the Billboard’s Mainstream Top 40 Chart, No. 9 at Hot AC and No. 6 at Modern Rock.

Sick Puppies, it is time for you to take a breath. Even though we know this thought is long gone from your minds, we still had the urge to tell you.

The down under band has also just kicked off the next leg of their tour on March 1st. Sick Puppies will play alongside Nelly and 3OH3! on ‘The Blizzard Music Tour’ for the first eight shows. That is a wide range of variety on one stage and we look forward to hearing about the pleasant chaos that occurs.

Check out the band’s official site for more tour and date information!

by Lonnie Nemiroff

Sick Puppies Polar Opposite Album
Sick Puppies Polar Opposite Album

By lonnie

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