The “Voltron” movie has been in the works for a long time, staying in what many people call “Development Hell”.  Sadly, many movies stay there. But, last year, According to CinemaBlend, writers Joshua Oppenheimer and Thomas Donnelly, the writers for the upcoming “Conan the Barbarian”, have been set to write the script for the movie adaptation of the classic mecha anime show.

The latest news about “Voltron” comes from CinemaBlend and Vulture, reporting that a bidding war has now broken out over the rights to finance the film. Specific companies weren’t named in the Vulture report, but CinemaBlend is saying that Relativity Media is definitely one of the big hitters aiming to produce the movie.

Also coming down the pipeline is a revamped “Voltron” cartoon produced by Nicktoons and will debut this May. This has the ring of the “ThunderCats” cartoon/movie combo that’s going on right now; I’m guessing that this type of cartoon/movie package is what studios will venture to do with a lot of their kid-action films more often. In fact, this sort of thing is already happening with movies like “Madagascar” and  “Transformers”.

“Voltron” is a popular ’80s cartoon that was, according to Vulture, developed by Peter Keefe who spliced together two different anime shows ala “Frankenstein” to create the now popular show about robots and their pilots.

Voltron Movie
Voltron Movie

By Monique Jones

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