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The Upsidedown Return with Psychedelic Tunes


The Upsidedown Return with Psychedelic Tunes

The Upsidedown are back up in the music scene with a new 5 song-EP that will be released on iTunes, March 17th.

The psychedelic rock band’s upcoming EP includes a previously unreleased track “Elov”, a remix of “La Paloma” by the Dandy Warhols guitarist, Peter Holmstrom, the song, “Spiders,” which has been featured on the CW network’s “Nikita” and the title track off of Something Good.

To kill sometime until the EP release, check out the Portland native’s video for “Something Good,” which was inspired by the movies The Warriors and Velvet Goldmine. The groovy video also features the local DJ from Portland’s 94.7 FM, DJ Gustav.

The Upsidedown will celebrate the release of their EP with a brief tour of California. Check out the band’s official website for more information.

Get amped for The Upsidedown EP release by joining in on their concert fun!

by Lonnie Nemiroff


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