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Blind film director chats up feature release


Blind film director chats up feature release

Joe Monks, the world’s first blind film director is set to share his vision with the world. In an exclusive interview with’s Joe Belcastro, Monks talks about the trials and tribulations he went through while shooting his feature debut, a horror flick titled “The Bunker.”


Synopsis: “The Bunker” is a psychological thriller/horror film which revolves around the kidnapping of a congressman’s daughter. Julia, better known as Jewel to her friends and family, is a teenage runaway who is unwilling to live within the rules and boundaries set by her parents. She has run away once before, and her father’s connections have kept that quiet. This time however, an election cycle is about to begin, and the scandal of a runaway daughter has congressman Robert Jennings taking desperate measures.

Desperate enough to pay privately to have her found and brought back home. a problem arises for those looking. For she is no longer on the streets, and is instead imprisoned in an underground bunker. Having been kidnapped by a sadistic serial murderer, Jewel must appease the barbaric maniac in order to stay alive.

“The Bunker” is produced by Sight Unseen Pictures and is set to be distributed by Commodity Films later this year. It will also be making film festival stops as well.

Stay tuned for more information and all the latest news on Joe Monks and “The Bunker.”

The Bunker original movie poster

The Bunker original movie poster

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