We are drawing to a close on the contest to win an expanded edition of Pearl Jam’s legendary album, “VS.” The three-CD Pearl Jam set commemorates the band’s 20th anniversary and one lucky winner is now the owner of this celebratory edition.

We left this contest pretty open, since it is a bit difficult to ask a specific question of a band that has had such a vast impact on the world of music. You had the opportunity to tell us why you think Pearl Jam’s album, “VS.”, garnered such success. We read those responses thoroughly and thought J.A.’s response hit the nail on the head. Cliché, but the expression fits impeccably.

As big lyrical fans, we often accredit much of a group’s success to the message behind the song. And J.A. couldn’t agree more. J.A. discussed how the fame of the album was due to the profound meaning of each of the tracks, which incorporated human experiences that fans can relate to.

Congratulations J.A., you know where our hearts lie in terms of the creation of song.

by Lonnie Nemiroff

Pearl Jam's VS
Pearl Jam

By lonnie

2 thoughts on “Giveaway Winner: Expanded Edition for Pearl Jam's VS.”
  1. Hi, I am J.A. and I won the contest! Thanks shockya! Some time has passed and I was wondering when I would be receiving the prize? Thanks again!

  2. Hi, I am just checking in again because I won the contest (yay!) but I have still not received my prize. I have emailed customer service, info, etc. but have not received an update recently. Could someone please send me an update? Thanks.

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