In the same L.A. Times interview with Warner Brothers exec Jeff Robinov that revealed the news about the Batman reboot, it was revealed that the long-awaited “Justice League of America” film is still in the works, as well as a few other films.

The “Justice League” film, which was stalled by the writers strike, having to iron out any conflicting versions of Batman shown in the Christopher Nolan films and contending with tax credit issues in Australia, is set to be one of the WB movies on tap for 2013 and beyond. Finally, we will see what all of the DC superheroes look like when they’re all together on the big screen.

Other movies slated for 2013 and beyond are “The Flash” and “Wonder Woman” films. These movies will possibly happen after the “Justice League” film is released. Even though the “Wonder Woman” show is coming this fall, Robinov said it wouldn’t be an issue where the “Wonder Woman” film is concerned, citing how “Superman Returns” came out while “Smallville” was on television.

And of course, there’s the news about the Batman reboot, which I’ve already covered in another article.

What do you think about this? Are you excited about the prospects of seeing all of your favorite DC superheroes on screen together?

Justice League of America
Justice League of America

By Monique Jones

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