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Monsters, Inc. prequel planned


Monsters, Inc. prequel planned

According to Entertainment Weekly, Pixar has another “Monsters’ Inc.” movie planned, but instead of it being a sequel (which I still hope is happening at some point down the road), the film’s a prequel.

Called “Monsters University”, the film will show how Sully (voiced by John Goodman) and Mike (voiced by Billy Crystal) met.

Dave Hollis, Disney’s executive vice president of worldwide distribution, told his audience at CinemaCon bits about how the film will play out.

“The film is a prequel that tells you a little bit about how [Sully and Mike] first met, attending Monsters University…Obviously everybody knows at this point Mike and Sully are amazing friends–the best of friends–but as it turns out, in this story, that wasn’t always the case. From the moment they met at the university, they could not stand each other. This story takes you through the ups and downs, and how they overcame their own differences.”

I’m sure Pixar will sprinkle their magic over the film, as they always do, but Pixar journeying through The Land of Prequels and Sequels scares me. Yes, the “Toy Story” films are a tremendous trilogy of movies, each one being unique while acting as a whole, complete epic saga. But there was a point when “Toy Story” was the only film in the Pixar filmology that was a sequel-type thing. Now that there’s “Cars 2” and now “Monsters University”, let’s hope that Pixar is staying true to their original M.O., which is to only tell a story when there is a story to tell.

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