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First glimpse of Adrianne Palicki in action as Wonder Woman


First glimpse of Adrianne Palicki in action as Wonder Woman

CinemaBlend has posted video and pictures of Adrianne Palicki during the filming of the show “Wonder Woman”. The pictures, originally posted at Bleeding Cool and Coming Soon, show Adrianne in action poses and doing behind-the-scenes stuff.

Both the video and pictures show that some serious alterations have been made to the Wonder Woman suit since the last time we saw it, which was in that official press picture. Perhaps someone read the blogosphere’s reaction to the suit, since the pants are now toned down and done in an actual stretchy fabric, stars have been placed down the sides of the pant legs, and the boots are now their traditional red color instead of blue. Overall, she looks more like Wonder Woman.

However, I seriously doubt this will allay anyone’s fears about the show. If you recall, the internet lit up when the script from the pilot was released. The pilot showed a lot of things that are not very Wonder Woman-esque, such as rom-com-type makeover montages, Wonder Woman not being an Amazon warrior, Themyscira being a company instead of a place, and much, much more. The pilot script seemed to be more akin to “V.I.P.” instead of “Wonder Woman”.

The show, also starring Elizabeth Hurley as the main villaness, is expected to be on tv screens this year.

Take a look at the media below to see what you think about the “Wonder Woman” show.

Adrianne Palicki In Action As Wonder Woman

Adrianne Palicki In Action As Wonder Woman

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. architects hertfordshire

    March 31, 2011 at 7:36 am

    YES! The boots are back red now.. NOW, I'm excited. :)

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