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Pirates 5 script already being written


Pirates 5 script already being written

According to Moviefone, the script for “Pirates of the Caribbean 5” is already being written, even though “Pirates 4” hasn’t come out yet! Hold your horses Disney!

Although it’s not like Disney doesn’t know they have a veritable hit on their hands. However, the article states that Disney has changed their tactic going forward with “Pirates”.

Jerry Bruckheimer told USA Today that after doing some audience testing, he and Disney have decided against creating another overarching plot ala the “Pirates” trilogy. “The audience told us what they loved about it is that it was fresh, it was new, it was a whole new story,” he said. “So that will carry over into the next one, too, to give it something fresh and different. As long as the audience embraces this one, we’ll certainly try to make another one. It’s really up to Johnny. He loves the character.”

I see making subsequent “Pirates” movies as an improvement, seeing how the storylines in the trilogy didn’t match up well in the end at all Making contained stories is the best thing to do with a character like Jack Sparrow, anyway. He’s too animated and “Bugs Bunny”-ish to be in something as serious as a trilogy.

What do you think? Are you ready for more “Pirates” films?

Pirates 5

Pirates 5

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