Access Hollywood has put up video interviews with “Water for Elephants” stars Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon. In one interview, the pair, interviewed by Shaun Robinson, talks about their on-screen chemistry and what it was like for Pattinson to play opposite Witherspoon as her lover, unlike his role in a past film, in which he played her son.

The other interview, also presided over by Robinson, includes mention of Witherspoon’s recent marriage. In the video, Pattinson is asked about the gift he gave to Witherspoon as her wedding present. He also talks about his recent trip to Vegas for the Academy of Country Music Awards.

You can find these and other videos concerning Pattinson, Witherspoon, and “Water for Elephants” at Access Hollywood’s video hub.
You can also view the interviews mentioned below.

“Water for Elephants”, which tells the story of a veterinary student (Pattinson) who abandons his life track after his parents are killed to join the circus, only to fall in love with the head honcho’s woman (Witherspoon), comes out April 22. The film also stars “Inglorious Basterds”‘ Christoph Waltz and Paul Schneider.

What do you think about “Water for Elephants”, Pattinson, and Witherspoon? Are you going to see the film?

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