We have just come across a contender for our favorite new female artist of the year. She won us over right from the start with a name that could be considered an oxymoron. We love these types of contradictions in the music world. We introduce to you, the fierce and bold, Porcelain Black.

The meaning of her name runs through her core. If you look at her profile you’ll see a platinum blonde, but if she turns her head the other way, you’ll see a bad ass chick with jet black hair. Cruella Deville at her finest, but replace those 101 or plus dalmatians with some ferocious and immensely impressive dance moves.

We can ramble on about this up and coming artist. With just the track, “This is What Rock n Roll Looks Like” featuring Lil Wayne, she is able to conquer the world of pop, rock and rap music. The track showcases her raspy and edgy vocals and the tune’s music video displays her undeniable sex appeal and hunger to dominate the music scene.

We would be honored to meet the future Queen of all genres of music. We guarantee you, Porcelain Black will make her name known in the music industry, so be the first of your friends to have those bragging rights.

by Lonnie Nemiroff

Porcelain Black
Porcelain Black

By lonnie

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