It is now 12 a.m. on the West Coast, where Apple is situated (meaning it’s 2:00 a.m here where I am in the Central Time Zone), so that means it’s finally time to cap off the swell of “Rise of the Apes” news and analyze the long awaited trailer! Whoo!

My analysis begins with some things to correct: in the past I’d been writing that the scientists in the film, portrayed by James Franco, Freida Pinto, and Tom Felton, were working on the speech centers of the brain. I was going off of the original “Apes” series; in the trailer, we see that Franco’s character is working on a serum to help the brain repair itself (“We call it The Cure”, he says). However, the side-effect is that The Cure also causes accelerated brain function, and since they’re testing apes with the drugs, you know what that leads to. But, who’s to say Caesar (Andy Serkis via motion capture) still won’t talk? Since the brain’s function is accelerated, he could very well utter some famous phrases like, “Tonight, we have seen the birth of The Planet of the Apes!” (As you can see, since I’m quoting Roddy McDowall’s Caesar, Andy Serkis has a lot to live up to in my mind.)

In any case, the trailer portrays the film as a slow-burn type of sci-fi film, my favorite type. From the trailer, the film seems intelligent, serious-minded, and well thought-out. Now of course, “Battle: Los Angeles” seemed stellar from the trailer, too, and critics have pretty much panned it. But, just because “Battle” turned out to be bad doesn’t me “Rise” will be. Hopefully, it won’t. But if it is, at least I still have my boxed set of the originals to turn to. (RIP, Roddy McDowall!)

You can watch the trailer right here below this story. Make sure to leave your comments about the film in the comments section.

Source: Apple Trailers

By Monique Jones

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