Relativity Media has announced today that they have acquired the US distribution rights to “House at the End of the Street”. The thriller stars Jennifer Lawrence (“Winter’s Bone”) Elizabeth Shue (“Leaving Las Vegas”), and Max Theriot (“My Soul to Take”).

The film is about a mother (Shue) and daughter (Lawrence) who move into a new community and find themselves next door to a house in which a psychotic young girl murdered her parents. While the locals insist the girl vanished after the brutal murders, the young newcomer befriends the surviving son (Theriot) and discovers the sinister story is far from over.

The film is directed by Mark Tonderai (“Hush”) and written by David Loucka (“Dream House”). and produced by FilmNation Entertainment’s Aaron Ryder (“The Prestige”), A Bigger Boat’s Peter Block (“Saw” franchise), and Hal Lieberman (“Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines”).

FilmNation Entertainment, who, along with A Bigger Boat and Hal Lieberman, produced the film, will also handle the film’s distribution outside the U.S.

So I put it to you: what do you think about this news? Are you excited “House at the End of the Street” will be distributed here in the United States? Share your thoughts on this film below in the comments section.

House at the End of the Street
House at the End of the Street

By Monique Jones

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