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Interview: Stake Land's Michael Cerveris


Interview: Stake Land's Michael Cerveris

Sometimes it’s a little intimidating going into an interview with a film’s bad guy and in Stake Land, Michael Cerveris’ Jebedia Loven is the epitome of pure evil. In a world ravished by a vampire apocalypse, you’d think the new bloodsucking residents would be the biggest problem, however, it’s the far more calculating threats of a local religious faction known as the Brotherhood that pose the bigger threat. When Brotherhood territory is the only thing standing between Mister and Martin (Nick Damici and Connor Paolo) and the supposed vampire-free area of New Eden, they’ve got no choice but to go head-to-head with Jebedia and his hooded accomplices.

Of course a character like Jebedia is not someone you’d want to be likened to and the fact that I was even the slightest bit apprehensive about sitting down with Ceveris is just a testament to his incredibly convincing performance. Even better, as much evil as Jebedia harbors is as kind and passionate a guy as Ceveris really is, which, in turn, made some of the character’s actions more difficult for Ceveris to handle. Check out everything Ceveris had to say about his experience working on Stake Land, roughing in on a low budget set, albeit not as literally as Damici, walking around town with a giant head tattoo, as well as a great deal about the unfortunate demise of the once potential franchise, Cirque du Freak, in the video interview below.

By Perri Nemiroff

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