Modern music will never be as good as tunes of the past, which I am sure every generation to come will continue to reiterate. Repetitious sayings are more than allowed when they are wholeheartedly true.

With the sounds of Rory Gallagher, the past will never be triumphed by the present. Gallagher is one of the top greatest guitar players. Just ask Slash, Johnny Marr and The Edge. You ShockYa readers can experience his genius skills by listening to his lost studio album from 1978.

Rory’s lost San Francisco album starts after a six-month tour, which concluded with a show in Japan. He then flew back form Japan to San Francisco to begin working on a new album with American producer, Elliot Mazer. Unfortunately, the record was shelved by January 1978. Rory’s brother and manager, Donal, allowed his son, Daniel, to recover the album from Rory’s archive and begin the process of mixing it with his engineer. There you have CD #1 from Rory Gallagher.

The discoveries keep on coming. A live album taken from four December nights in 1979 at San Francisco’s, The Old Waldorf, also gladly resurfaced. Once again, we must thank his son Daniel for keeping his father’s legacy prominently present in the 21st Century. Daniel chose to add the live side to the album to emphasize why Rory chose to shelve the studio album and reduce his band back down to a three-piece.

With this upcoming lost CD, we can say without a doubt that the instrumental sounds of Rory Gallagher will allow fans to relive music of the past, as well as impact guitarists of the present.

by Lonnie Nemiroff

Rory Gallagher
Rory Gallagher

By lonnie

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