How different cultures throw funerals was never a subject we even grazed over in school for reasons why we are sure students understand. The topic might not be in the curriculum, but it does still interest us. This curiosity doesn’t only reside within us, but also the Danish sextet, Alcoholic Faith Mission.

The band recently released their music video for “Legacy,” off their EP, “And the Running with Insanity”. They undeniably ran away with craziness on this video, which was directed by Bryn Chainey.

The “Legacy” video centers around a young girl’s fascination with death and eclectic funerals. A human death did not trigger this obsession, but instead the death of her beloved pet mouse.

Alcoholic Faith Mission is able to make the word funeral, not sound so dismal. So enter the classroom of funerals, we promise there will be no test at the end

by Lonnie Nemiroff

Alcoholic Faith Mission – Legacy from Bryn Chainey on Vimeo.

By lonnie

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