The Hollywood Reporter has more information on the singing competition Jennifer Lopez is developing.

The singer, actress, and “American Idol” judge has partnered with her husband, singer Marc Anthony, as well as director-choreographer Jaime King and “American Idol” creator and XIX Entertainment CEO and founder Simon Fuller to create “Q’Viva! The Chosen”, a show that’s being described as “an epic three month long journey to create the ultimate live show celebrating Latin music, artistry, and dance.” The husband and wife team will travel throughout the Americas; three languages will be part of the show’s filming.

The show is set to broadcast simultaneously across 21 countries in North America, Central America, and South America, however, no network partner has been announced.

Lopez said that “Q’Viva” will be unprecedented due to the focus on Latin American culture. “This is a show for the 21st century with an unprecedented global and local story. The Latin culture is a tapestry that is rich in passion, tradition, and artistry. We are going to places where all of this talent lives and wouldn’t have otherwise been discovered. This journey for me and Marc is going to be exciting and groundbreaking.”

What do you think about this show? Will you watch? Are you excited to have Latin American culture showcased on television? Sound off below.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

By Monique Jones

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