MTV Splash Page has two new “X-Men: First Class” items: one being a new still featuring many of the main cast; the other being an interview with Zoe Kravitz, who plays Angel Salavdore, a winged mutant.

When asked about the passion comic book fans have about the film, Kravitz responded, “Yes, it’s crazy! I’ve never been into comic books, so I was never in that world. When the trailer came out, I looked at it on Youtube and there were pages and pages of comments. People were getting heated. And all the blogs–it’s crazy! This is really near and dear to a lot of people, so I hope I don’t disappoint them.”

Kravitz said her character was the last one cast. “It happened really quickly. They were being really secretive about the script and the characters that were going to be in the film, so I didn’t even know who I was auditioning for. I didn’t think I had a shot. I didn’t even take it seriously. It wasn’t with [director] Matthew [Vaughn]. It was with the casting director in New York.” She went on to say that even though she wasn’t at her best during that audition, she still managed to get Vaughn’s attention.

You can read more of her interview here. You can also see the picture at the link mentioned or below this story.

Zoe Kravitz featuring in X-men First Class Still
Zoe Kravitz featuring in X-men First Class Still

By Monique Jones

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