Disney Pixar has started a new (dubiously tactful) marketing strategy: using the Royal Wedding to promote their upcoming film, “Cars 2”. This is mostly due to, aside from the fact that it’s just plain easy to promote and sell things using the Royal Couple, that the cars in the film go around Europe and Asia in an espionage-meets-“Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift” action-adventure film.

The poster, featured below, shows Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) decorated with flowers for the wedding (or for something). Above and around him are streamers and confetti, Big Ben, and other locales in London.

This blogger is probably one of the few who actually like the princes–well, Prince Harry and William, Duke of Cambridge, as he’s now known, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge nee Kate Middleton. I’m also probably one of the few who is genuinely creeped out by the “Cars” franchise because it has to be played as a post-apocalyptic, post-human world for it to make sense–why would cars care about buildings like Big Ben, which is obviously human-made? Anyway, you an write about what you think about the poster, the “Cars” franchise, and the British royals in the comments section below. “Cars 2”, directed by Brad Lasseter and Brad Lewis and also stars Larry the Cable Guy, Jason Isaacs, and Michael Caine, comes out June 24, 2011.

Cars 2 Royal Wedding
Cars 2 Royal Wedding

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