A lot has been said about Sony’s recent baffling bungling of their online gaming network and the fact that it was found to be running on Windows ME. As a PS3 gamer I can honestly say that they have managed to make me look at Xbox Live for my online gaming needs, which if you consider how much I hate Microsoft’s nickel and dimming Gold schemes should indicate how bad the situation has gotten. Basically I have come to the conclusion that no console has a perfect or even adequate service for Internet gaming, they all are a sucky mess of crap that makes me actually miss the days of Dreamcast Online Gaming. I’d write more, but I’ve got to go change my Credit Card info in between Xbox Live’s Call of Duty crashes.

Zero-lives is a weekly comic strip lampooning the world of video games from the 8bit predecessors to the current systems. If it’s video game related it’s fair game. Rated E for everyone.

By Shane Parker, (Zero-lives.blogspot.com)

Problems with online gaming
Problems with online gaming

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