Pandora has now added comedy channels to its streaming content, joining the ranks of previously established outlets such as The Laugh Button. Both outlets provide streaming comedy audio for their users.

The Laugh Button’s Editor-in-Chief Matt Kleinschmidt said this about Pandora’s new endeavors, “The Laugh Button Player had humble beginnings as a widget-only installation and has since grown to a full-blown website with a large catalog of comedy and just as much editorial content. The launch of Pandora’s comedy channel really does enhance what The Laugh Button has done for the last five years…It’s been a great few years for comedy and as more outlets embrace the public’s desire for comedy, it will only benefit comedians, and the comedy community as a whole.”

You can check out The Laugh Button player here.

According to the press release, The Laugh Button “is a joint venture between two marketing leaders in the entertainment industry, iMarket Services and The Syndicate. The Laugh Button is dedicated to the promotion of all things stand-up comedy. Launched on March 15, 2006 as an embeddable widget with the intent to share comedy audio, it has since grown into a premier website for engaging, interacting, and discussing comedy with a focus on stand-up and sketch and the world that surrounds the art form.”

The Laugh Button
The Laugh Button

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