The fabulous Chris Bridges aka “Luda” aka “Ludacris”, is celebrating Earth Month this year. Categorically this holds no surprise considering how outspoken the award winning rapper/actor is on environmental topics. His life style is completely “Pro Enviro” and not only does Ludacris “Speak about it” he “Be about it”. The Rapper Ludacris uses all green brands and products in his day to day life.

Cris “Ludacris” Bridges believes in saving our environment and has formed an alliance with Green Earth Technologies to impress this fact. To live everyday as Earth Day is the focus of Green Earth Technologies.

With Ludacris’s blockbuster film “Fast Five” asphyxiating the movie game, and of course his albums doing what they do best, by laying out casualties. He has another project that touches the esscense of the soul, his foundation. “The Ludacris Foundation”, is a non profit organization based in Atlanta, Ga., that promotes the use of art and music to urban youth. Chris Bridges is Founder and President of this foundation.

Green Earth Technologies respects Mr. Bridges efforts and are a cornerstone to “The Ludacris Foundation“. Green Earth Technologies has donated proceeds and products to The Ludacris Foundation fortifying the issue of every day use.

“G.E.T” offers a variety of products ranging from motor oil, automotive cleaning, outdoor cleaning, marine cleaning goods and other products. Green Earth Technologies utmost concern is the environment and how it affects human life. The use of American grown oils is paramount to accommodating this ideal.

By Shawn Murphy


By smurphy

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