Sometimes a good thing just comes out of nowhere, a good thing like Laura Vall. Here’s a known fact; Laura Vall is a indie pop singer from Barcelona, Spain who’s lyrical voice can blow down walls. Her songs are rich with powerful lyrics and musical serenity. As a singer/songwriter for more than 10 years, she has been flying under the radar paying her dues.  It is very possible you have heard the whispers of her voice on a track or two, maybe even on a  jingle. But then, that’s the life of a backup vocalist/session singer… always heard, but never seen. Not for lack of talent, “believe in trust”! This young lady has plenty of that. I mean, come on, Miss Vall has worked with Stevie Wonder and Jeff Weber, so talent is not an issue. For whatever the reason, that’s neither her nor there, because she sure is coming out now.. and boy is it a whopper.

Laura’s first album is scheduled to be released soon with two poppin’ singles. Her album is entitled “Real” and from what i caught listening to the singles, “Real” and “Little Star”, the album is going to be off the hook. Her single “Little Star” is a for sure hit and already has a video you can catch on her web site or ReverbNation.

Laura  now resides in Southern California laying a blaze to the music scene with her talents. Message to the world, if you never heard of this indie pop star, you will soon be hearing and seeing a whole lot more.

Laura Vall’s first live performance with her band will be May 20, 2011 for a special benefit at the Key Club in Los Angeles. The benefit concert is for “Education Through Music”, and the free event will showcase fourteen bands, from acoustic jams to hip hop. So if you live in the Los Angeles area that sounds like a great plan for a date.

By Shawn Murphy

Laura Vall
Laura Vall

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