Shockya has reported that a biopic about the legendary rapper Tupac Shakur is finally going into production, but another film is also going into production, and this one was written by the rapper himself.

According to AOL’s The Boombox, a screenplay written by the late rapper during an 11-month jail sentence in 1995 titled “Live 2 Tell” will go into production in 2012, with filming starting sometime in the first months of the year. The screenplay tells the story of a young boy who is determined to find his way out of the hard-knock life of drug dealing.

NStar Studios will be over the film, and Ivan Juzang and Preston Holmes will direct. Juzang and Holmes also collaborated with Tupac’s mother Afeni Shakur to produce the documentary “Tupac Resurrection”. According to the article via Variety, the film has been given an $11 million budget.

Juzang has said to Variety that he feels the screenplay will be a unique perspective. “The kid was a genius, and the net of it is, he was from this community, he knew the struggles these young people were dealing with. And he’s able to talk to young people in 2011, 2012, the same way he was able to talk to young people in 1995.”

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Tupac Shakur
Tupac Shakur

By Monique Jones

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