Another “Peter Pan” film the report about! This “Peter Pan” film, according to CinemaBlend via ScreenDaily, is a dark, indie take on the story called “Pan”.

The film which the producers hope to sell to Cannes this week, will star Aaron Eckhart as a detective version of Captain Hook who is hunting down a childlike killer (presumably this story’s Peter Pan) and AnnaSophia Robb as Wendy who has survived a kidnapping by Pan and is has left her asylum in order to lead the hunt to take down Pan. Sean Bean will play Smee, who will be Hook’s assistant in helping Eckhart catch Pan. The director of the film is Ben Hibon, the mastermind behind the fantastic animation sequence in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1”, with the screenplay written by Ben Magid.

It’s an intriguing premise, to be sure. It just might be the indie film to look for, that is, if you’re not one of those people who isn’t beholden to the original “Peter Pan” story.

What do you think about this film? Do you think it’ll be interesting to see Hook as the good guy and Peter Pan as the villain? Or are you one of the minority who have always been a bit creeped out by Peter Pan and see this film as the next step to his creepiness? Sound off below.

Aaron Eckhart
Aaron Eckhart

By Monique Jones

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