Yesterday, Shockya reported on the production of the BBC show “Sherlock” being underway. Now, Paul McGuigan, director of “Sherlock” episodes “A Study in Pink” and “The Great Game”, is now tweeting updates about the show’s progress. Here are some of his updates:

May 9–“Production meeting today, read through tomorrow and shooting starts next Monday…all roads lead to 221b Baker Street. #Sherlock”

May 10–“First readthrough for Sherlock today. In a few hours I shall be reading stage directions stupidly fast.”

“Read-through went great. @Markgatiss has written another cracker! #Sherlock”

May 11–“On my way to rehearsals with Benedict and Martin. Shoot starts Monday so I’ll be sending regular progress reports from the set. #Sherlock”

May 12–“Rehearsals were great fun. First scene up on Monday is with #Sherlock and Dr Watson.”

If you want to follow the progress, make sure to follow McGuigan on Twitter.

“Sherlock” is the retelling of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Victorian-era sleuth and his friend, Dr. John Watson, except this time, the stories have been transported to the 21st century.

What do you think of these real-time production updates? Are they successful in hyping you up for the next season? Make sure to give your opinions on these “Sherlock” updates in the comments section.

Paul McGuigan
Paul McGuigan

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