Remember the good ol’ days when MTV and VH1 did absolutely nothing but music all day, music interviews, music news and music videos. That’s ok, cause if you love music all day everyday from A to Z… Welcome my friends to FUSE TV.

This Friday 13, 2011 on Fuse TV, the “Hoppus on Music” show 11p/10c is a must see . On this Friday’s show, Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus will be having interviews and live performances From “Taking Back Sunday” and “The Ready Set”.

Jordan Mark Witzigreuter aka “The Ready Set” will be doing what he does best and that’s rockin’ da set, including having alil Q&A with Hoppus.  Hmmm, I wonder if he’ll be pimppin’ that Taking Back Sunday“. The group will be discussing their new album soon to be released june 28, 2011. If you go to Taking Back Sunday’s website you can pre-order a limited edition Bundle including: Their new album, a bonus disc with 6 demo tracks, 11 1’x1′ posters with art inspired by each song off the new album, Copy of lyrics handwritten by Adam on the back of the posters, Every bundle will be signed by the band and an instant MP3 download of the new song “El Paso”.

Should be a good “Hoppus on Music” this up coming Friday May 13, 2011 @ 11p/10c on Fuse TV.

Remember.. Rhythm Rotates the Earth

By Shawn Murphy

Taking Back Sunday
Taking Back Sunday

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