“Been a long time since i rock and rolled…”, The infamous Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin is the master of Vocals and song writing . Of course you do remember “Black Dog”  and “Stair Way to Heaven”. The list goes on for the marvel man of steel and so does his relationship with music.

Starting today May 14, 2011, Mr. Robert plant will have a special that will air in several sections on Sirius XM. Robert Plant will join host Mike Marrone for the special episodes on “Playin’ Records with Mike”.

On Robert’ s special, “Echos, Part 1” airing 3:00pm ET on The Loft, channel 30, and  SiriusXM Internet Radio. Plant has chosen a variety of songs to play for Mike’s listener’s. Robert’ line-up include, The Rascals, Spencer Davis Group, Terry Reid, The Pretty Things, Small Faces, Cyril Davies and Sonny Boy Williamson.

Mr. Plant say’s, “What I wanted to do was try and play the original songs and then the covers and just go through the very early days.. The British, we really tried to get a grip of it all and it was very interesting to see what this kind of anglicized vision of American music was”.

Look for Robert Plant’s new album “Band of Joy”, recently released.

Playin’ Records with Mike” has headlined the show with guest artist such as Booker T, Bryan Ferry, Steve Earle and Robbie Robertson.

Sirius XM’s The Loft offers a diversity of styles and genres from all eras for the engaging music lovers.

Remember.. Rhythm Rotates the Earth

By Shawn Murphy

Robert Plant
Robert Plant

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