A new trailer for Fright Night, a (loose) reboot from the 80’s classic by the same name from director Tom Holland, has been revealed!  The vampire picture, coming in 3D, follows a high school senior by the name of Charley Brewster (played by Anton Yelchin) who discovers that his next door neighbor Jerry Dandrige is actually a blood sucking monster (played by Colin Farrell) who is involved in some recent murders in the quiet suburbs.

From the director Craig Gillespie, the trailer shows an awful lot!  And yes, it looks a lot like that of Rear Window and Disturbia, but if you can get past the similarities, Fright Night looks pretty good.  With scenes of Charley living it up with the popular crowd his senior year, and his gorgeous girlfriend (Imogeen Poots), Yelchin’s character is rudley awaken from the high life when he starts to see suspicious activity across the street.  His dorky, estranged best friend also helps when he points out that there’s a killer on his street!  After no-one believes him, Brewster enlists the help of TV host Peter Vincent.

The trailer also features an evil looking Farrell, Toni Collette as Charley’s oblivious mother, and Brewster stocking up on supplies to kill the vampire after he threatens to wreak havoc on those closet to Charley.  Check out the Fright Night trailer below and tell us what you think?  Fright Night comes to theaters on August 19th.

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