The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision is reporting today that Tim Burton is no longer attached to Disney’s live-action “Maleficent” project. “Maleficent” will tell the evil witch’s side of the popular “Sleeping Beauty” story. The project is currently being developed as a film for Angelina Jolie to star.

At one point, Burton was so heavily into the project that Disney had reteamed him with the “Alice in Wonderland” screenwriter Linda Woolverton, who also penned the script for “The Lion King”.

Disney isn’t going to let the film go to waste; the studio is currently looking for another director. The one they have their eyes on right now, according to the article, is David Yates, the director behind many films in the “Harry Potter” series.

Also, Burton is developing his long-awaited stop-motion animation project “Frankenweenie” with Disney; the film is due to be in theaters October 5, 2012.

I suppose for some, Burton backing away from “Maleficent” would be seen as good news. But what do you Shockya readers think? Do you think Burton could’ve done a good job with “Maleficent”? If Yates gets chosen to helm the film, what do you think the film will be like? Leave your opinions and comments in the comment section below.

Tim Burton
Tim Burton

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